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Panama Shipping

You’ve reached the best possible company available to ship your goods from the USA all the way over to Panama. We’ve got years and years of experience providing residential and commercial container shipping from America to Panama. People continually ship with us time and time again due to our professionalism, friendly service, strong code of ethics, and excellent treatment of their goods shipped. You see, whenever we handle you’re valuable items, we treat them as if they were our own. Panamerican Shipping provides superior Panama shipping services from the United States.

Goods Shipped to Panama

It doesn’t matter if your shipping small items or large items, we can help you remove it all. Some of our most commonly shipped items include toys, clothing, hand bags, shoes, purses, furniture, couches, recliners, tables, chairs, desks, mirrors, arts, electronics, TV’s, radios, stereos, smart phones, computers, laptops and much more. We provide complete insurance on our shipping containers and the barrels within them so that you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your goods will get to their destination.

Barrel Shipping to Panama

Did we mention our convenient Brooklyn based drop off storefront? Yep, we’re located right on Franklin Avenue in the heart of New York City. When you walk in you’ll probably see some of our handlers in action packing items away safely in barrels. We sell  77 gallon barrels and drums but also use 15, 20 and 55 gallon barrels for safe shipping to Panama.

Port to Port Container Shipping

After we get your items and goods sent over by cargo ship to Panama, they’ll be unloaded. Don’t worry about the customs paperwork or taxes, we’ll get everything sorted out for you properly. Trust us, we’re known for our due diligence  All taxes will be properly paid so your items reach their destinations in Panama as quickly as possible.

Shipping Cars/Auto to Panama

Did we mention that we specialize in shipping all types of automobiles to Panama? Panamerican Shipping’s expert can securely load up your car, motorcycle, 4×4, and van within our 20ft or 40ft containers.

About Us

If your looking for fast, safe and secure shipping from the USA to Panama, then look no further. We’re fully licensed and bonded by the Federal Maritime Commission and also offer superior customer care. This means that our handlers will make sure your goods are shipped safely, our experts will take care of all your paperwork regarding taxes/customs and you’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing your items reached their Panama destination in perfect shape.  Aside from our physical storefront located in Brooklyn, we have convenient pick up locations throughout the East Coast.  Some of our most commonly used pick up locations includes:

  • Ship from New York City to Panama
  • Ship from Atlanta, GA to Panama
  • Ship from Baltimore, MD to Panama
  • Ship from Miami, FL to Panama
  • Ship from New Jersey to Panama
  • Ship from Boston, MA to Panama
  • Ship from Charlotte, NC to Panama
  • Ship from Fairfax, VA to Panama

Panama Container Shipping Sizes

20 feet container


W: 7 FEET 8 1/2 INCHES

H: 7 FEET 9 7/8 INCHES

40 feet container

L: 39 FEET 5 3/4 INCHES


H:  7 FEET 9 7/8 INCHES

For pricing and quotes on standard and commercial shipping, please contact our office by phone or by e-mail. You can also check out generalized rates on our website. You can reach us toll free by calling (866) 475-7755 or our local number: (718) 636-4813. You can also send us a message for a prompt call back and response.

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